Sri Aishwarya Vinayaka [Karpaga]

Lord Ganesh "Aishwarya Vinayaka" sits with the charm and beauty that makes you merge into the depth of positive vibrations that exudes from AIshwarya Vinayaka. He is seen meditating holding the Linga form of his father in his right palm- Lord Shiva. Only he prays to the Lingam expressing to his devotees that pray and give respect to your own parents. You should never give up Bhakti or forget your parents. This idol bestows Jiva Atma and eradicates family problems.

This idol is rare and only one other temple in Tamil Nadu has an Idol of Ganesha with a Lingam. A Devotee praying sincerely to "Aishwayra Vinayaka" is bestowed with Wealth, Health, Peace and Prosperity.

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