About Sri Vijayadurga Kshetra, Ursamma Temple :

Several years later , in 2005  his younger brother Mr. Raghu Raj Urs , went to  Shringeri with his family including his new born Son. At Shringeri , the family met Sri. Bala Gopala Joshi mainly to show the horoscope of the newly born. As a ritual when they were asked about the family diety, they mentioned that they worshipped Lord Hanuman, surprisingly to which the great astrologer said that it simply can’t be. He went on to say that their family deity was indeed two Ammas who are housed in a ruined temple, half burnt, without any doors and with two tall trees behind the temple!!!!! Surprised, Mr. Raghu Raj Urs ; called his brother Mr.Sridhar Raj Urs in Bangalore and recited the whole incident. This is about a temple which was discovered recently and has been built in a elaborate fashion to house the family deities of the Urs family, the family deities who were far forgotten or ignored by the forefathers of the present clan.

When two people living miles apart, unaware of each ones predictions, or had any clue of the family mentioned the same thing about the family deity, something was indeed amiss. So enquires started again and so was the lookout for the place matching the descriptions given . The search led them to Hassan where an elderly person said that he knew about a place matching the description but a little away from Hassan near Aalur. When they reached Aalur and enquired they were overjoyed to hear that a temple which was built by the urs family did exist but no families from this clan were residing in the village. Nowadays the village is been dominated by Brahmins and Lingayaths. The villagers went on to say that the temple was ruined in a fire accident but the idols of the deities Udsallamma and Matsalamma still existed . Taking the lead, the urs family members went to the temple which is located on a sprawling flat land. The tiny temple was without doors and there were two tall trees behind the temple.Inside, they found the two deities and the temple was black due to burning. When the floors were searched wooden blocks embedded in the floor suggesting the presence of wooden pillars previously. Sri. Bala Gopal Joshi too visited the place and confirmed that this indeed was the place he had predicted.

The family visited the temple often, spending the day by cleaning the premises, worshiping the Goddesses and cooking food. On one such visit, by the end of the day, when the family was done with the rituals and relaxing with the afternoon tea with parched rice, an old woman appeared from nowhere.

She spoke to Mr.Sridhar Raj Urs in an authoritative and booming voice. Here is the conversation between them:-

Lady : Who are you? Why have you come here?
Mr.Sridhar Raj Urs: : I am from Bengaluru and we have come to worship the Deities. Where do you come from?
Lady: : Me? Where do I have to come from? I keep roaming around this temple.
Lady: : What do you want to do here?
Mr.Sridhar Raj Urs: : Nothing. What do you want Amma?
Lady: : What I want? Will you give me whatever I ask for?
Mr.Sridhar Raj Urs: : If I have it I’ll give it you?
For which the Lady just stared at him, And Mr.Sridhar Raj Urs gave her a 10 rupee note.
The Lady stared on. Yet another 10 rupee note was produced.
Yet another harder stare.Thinking that the Lady may be hungry, he gave the Lady some parched rice and Biscuits.
Lady: : So you give me both money and food?
Mr.Sridhar Raj Urs: : What else do you want Amma?
Lady: : You have something in mind?
Mr.Sridhar Raj Urs: : Nothing.
Lady: : “ You have something in mind. And you will do
IT. And I will be around and watch you”

Saying this she walked away. Mrs.Sridhar Raj Urs who was watching them asked her husband who the woman was and what she wanted. Since she does not understand kannada, he explained to her the conversation for which she exclaimed and said “Don’t you understand? That was Amma!!! All this took place in a matter of 2-3 minutes. When he turned back the old woman was Gone!!!With the help of his people, Mr.Sridhar Raj Urs searched for her and also made enquiries in the nearby villages. Nobody of the description ever lived there!!!

Later he decided to build a decent place for their family deity and consulted Sri Joshi regarding the same. Plans kept changing and finally about 5 acres of land around the temple was bought and a temple complex including the main temple, Yagashala, Pakashala, Housing for Temple Staff , Management office and stores with  beautiful landscaping has been done which is almost ready and would be inaugurated in April 2011.

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